Core Endocrine Rotation Objectives

Scholar (continued)

2. Knowledge of relevant basic science (biochemistry, pathology, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology)

a) Demonstrate a basic understanding of relevant pathophysiology and pharacology in the care of endocrine patients

3. Teaching of other healthcare team members

a) Demonstrate an effective lecture or presentation to the health care team


1. Personal and interpersonal professional behaviour

a) Exhibit appropriate professional behaviors in practice, including honesty, integrity, commitment, compassion, respect and altruism

b) Demonstrate open and honest communication with supervising staff on all matters related to clinical care or academic activities of the endocrine service

 2. Recognizing and dealing with ethical issues

a) Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues encountered in practice

3. Punctuality

a) Maintain assigned working hours and avoid any unexcused absences

b) Complete assigned patient care duties on time

c) Attends all assigned clinics on time with no unexcused absences

d) Avoid being late to clinical and academic activities, such as rounds, academic half day, lectures, etc.