Program Overview

The Endocrinology residency program is divided into first year (primarily clinical) and second year (primarily research).

The first year is designed to cover basic clinical endocrinology and includes a variety of general and specialized rotations. The second year focuses on research, but allows flexibility for residents to tailor their clinical training according to their specific needs and career plans.

At least 6-months of independent research is expected during the second year. Residents are also expected to take the initiative to help design and follow-through with their own training schedule.

Number of funded positions per year: 2

Endocrinology Consultation Service – 16-weeks (4 x 4-week rotations)

Pediatric Endocrinology – 4 weeks

Pituitary/Reproductive Endocrinology – 4-weeks

Laboratory Endocrinology – 4-weeks

Healthy Heart - Lipid – 4-weeks

First Year Research – 4-weeks

Inherited Metabolic Disease Clinic – 4-weeks

Diabetes – 4-weeks

Thyroid - Osteoporosis – 4-weeks

Second Year Research – 24 - 28weeks (6 x 4-weeks – additional time for research can be arranged for fellows who intend to pursue a research career)

Endocrinology Consultation Service (Junior Attending) – 8-weeks (2 x 4-weeks)

Electives – 16-weeks (6 x 4-weeks – Diabetes, Healthy Heart Lipid, Pituitary/Repro, Community, Thyroid)