Clinical Fellowships

All applicants for Clinical Fellowship must have successfully completed medical school, specialty training and all specialty examination requirements in their home country.

Post-Graduate Trainees

Postgraduate Trainee applicants must have successfully completed medical school and be currently pursuing post-graduate training, but may not have completed sufficient training to allow him/her to be listed (registered) as a specialist in his/her home country. Applications may also be considered from individuals who have met the time requirements of training but who have not succeeded in the examination requirements of their specialty. This requirement will only be waived if the candidate is within a two year period of examination eligibility.

Note: Clinical Fellows and Post-graduate Trainees require a clinical/research supervisor who is willing and able to supervise their training. Clinical Fellows/Postgraduate trainees are not registered as residents with the University and do not have to pay registration fees. Salary arrangements are the responsibility of the trainee, since no internal funding is available for such positions. Fellows/postgraduate trainees are not under the umbrella of the Professional Association of Residents of BC.