Fellowship Research

Endocrinology residents (fellows) are expected to actively participate in research. The purpose is to encourage independent inquiry and expose fellows to academic medicine. Components of fellowship research include:

  • developing a question/hypothesis
  • writing a research proposal
  • submitting a request for funding and/or ethics application
  • collecting and analyzing data
  • submitting an abstract
  • presenting data at a conference/meeting
  • drafting a manuscript
  • publication of original data in a peer-reviewed journal (ideally)

The following research projects have been undertaken by endocrine fellows:

  • Insulin pump vs. conventional insulin for Type 1 diabetes in pregnancy
  • Insulin therapy for post-transplant glucocorticoid induced hyperglycemia
  • Does the reason/method of detection of thyroid cancer affect prognosis
  • Progression of retinopathy in women with diabetes in pregnancy (retrospective chart review)
  • Point-of-care A1c measurement as a diabetes screening tool in first nations populations
  • Short- and long-term impact of a diabetes self-management support (DSMS) intervention on health care utilization among African-American adults with type 2 diabetes

Research Director: Prof. Tricia Tang

Email: tricia.tang@vch.ca