Associate Professor
Director, Post-graduate Research, Division of Endocrinology
Director, Experimental Medicine Program, Dept. of Medicine
University of Vermont, 1999, PhD
University of Chicago, 1998, Clinical Internship
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2000, Post-doctoral Fellowship
Clinical Interests

Behavioral and Psychosocial Issues associated with Diabetes Self-management.

(1) Diabetes prevention and control in medically underserved and high risk communities.

(2) Peer support models to support long-term diabetes prevention and self-management.


See Professor Tang’s publications here

1: Snoek FJ, Fisher L, Polonsky WH, Stuckey H, Hessler D, Tang TS, Hermanns N, Munder X, Silva M, Sturt J, Okazaki K, Hadiyianni I, Desai U, Perez-Nieves M. Overcoming Psychological Insulin Resistance: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Professionals. Primary Diabetes Care 2021;15:619-621.

2: Ashrafi S, Taylor D, Tang TS. Moving Beyond “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Mental health needs of adults with type 1 diabetes in rural and remote regions of British Columbia (BC) Diabetic Medicine. 2021;38(5):e14534. PMID: 33524209.

3: Leung JM, Tang TS, Lim C, Laffel LM, Amed S. 57-LB: The 4 I’s of Adolescent Transition in Type 1 Diabetes Care: A Qualitative Study.  Diabetic Medicine. 2020 Nov 14:e14443. PMID: 33107064

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