Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut, Internal Medicine Residency
MacMaster University, Endocrinology Fellowship
McGill University, MSc (Clin. Epi.)
Research Interests

1. Manjoo P, Joseph L, Dasgupta K. (2012) Abdominal adiposity and daily step counts as determinants of glycemic control in a cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus open Nutrition and Diabetes.

2. Manjoo P, Joseph L, Pilote L, Dasgupta K (2010) Sex Differences in Step Count-Blood Pressure Association: A Preliminary Study in Type 2 Diabetes. PLoS ONE 5(11):

3. Manjoo PS, Joseph L, Dasgupta K. Anthropometric associations with HbA1c in patients with Type 2 Diabetes (DM2). Canadian Journal of Diabetes. December 2008.

4. Dasgupta K, Manjoo PS, Pilote L, Joseph L. Impact of Walking on Anthropometrics and Impact of Anthropometrics on Glycemic Control among Men and Women with Type 2 Diabetes. The Scientific Sessions Abstract Book, Supplement to Diabetes, June 2008.

5. Manjoo P, O’Donnell T, How J. Transient primary hypothyroidism in Diltiazem overdose. Canadian Journal of Diabetes. December 2007.

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phone: 2503868808