Clinical Professor
Head, Division of Endocrinology
University of British Columbia, 1986, MD
University of British Columbia, 1991, Internal Medicine Residency
University of British Columbia, 1992, Endocrinology Fellowship
University of British Columbia, 1982, PhD (Physiology)
Research Interests

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1. Harris D, Barts A, Connors J, Dahl M, Elliott T, Kong J, Keane T, Thompson D, Stafford S, Ur E, Sirrs S. Glucocorticoid-induced hyperglycemia is prevalent and unpredictable for patients undergoing cancer therapy: an observational cohort study. Curr Oncol. 2013 Dec;20(6):e532-8.

2. Cameron, C, Virani A Dean H, Evans M,Dolovich L, Dahl M Utilization and Expenditure on Blood Glucose Test Strips in Canada. Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 2010; 34 (1):34-40.

3. McIntosh B, Yu C, Lal A, Chelak K, Cameron C, Singh S, Dahl M  Efficacy of self-monitoring of blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus managed without insulin: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Open Medicine 2010;4(2):e102.

4. Dahl M, Feldman J, Goldberg JM, Jaberi A Physical Aspects of Transgender Endocrine Therapy. International Journal of Transgenderism  2006; Vol 9 Issue: ¾, p111-134.

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