Clinical Assistant Professor
McGill University, 1992, MD
University of Connecticut, 1995, Internal Medicine Residency
Brown University, 1998, Endocrinology Fellowship
McGill University, 2000, Research Fellowship

I have become increasingly involved in efforts to reduce secondhand smoke exposure and overall smoking prevalence since 2004. I played a crucial role in working with the Vancouver Parks’ Board towards the 2010 Smoke-free Parks and Beaches Bylaw.

More recent efforts have included working towards smoke-free multi-unit dwellings including meeting with municipal and provincial representatives, letter writing (including for the affected plaintiffs in a 2012 successful BC Human Rights Tribunal case), several media interviews, and a publication. My efforts in this regard are supported by Vancouver Coastal Health Tobacco Control, and Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada, both of which I keep in close contact with.


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