Professor of Medicine
Director, Healthy Heart Program Prevention Clinic, St. Paul’s Hospital
University of Alberta, 1992, Endocrinology Fellowship
University of Washington, 1996, Research Fellowship
Clinical Interests
Research Interests

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1: Sadananda SN, Foo JN, Toh MT, Cermakova L, Trigueros-Motos L, Chan T, Liany H, Collins JA, Gerami S, Singaraja RR, Hayden MR, Francis GA, Frohlich J, Khor CC, Brunham LR. Targeted next-generation sequencing to diagnose disorders of HDL cholesterol. J Lipid Res. 2015 Oct;56(10):1993-2001.

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6: Allahverdian S, Chehroudi AC, McManus BM, Abraham T, Francis GA. Contribution of intimal smooth muscle cells to cholesterol accumulation and macrophage-like cells in human atherosclerosis. Circulation. 2014 Apr 15;129(15):1551-9.

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