Core Endocrine Rotation Objectives

Communicator (continued)

7. Presentation and discussion at teaching and patient care rounds

a) Present verbal reports of clinical encounters and plans effectively at teaching and patient care rounds


1. Work effectively within the healthcare team

a) Work effectively with others to assess, plan, provide and integrate care for individual patients (or groups of patients) with endocrine disease

2. Demonstrate appropriate use of consultative services

a) Consult appropriately with other professionals, such as cardiology, nephrology, diabetes education, etc. for patients with endocrine disease

3. Recognize and Respect roles of team members

a) Recognize and respect the diversity of roles, responsibilities and competencies of other professionals in relation to endocrinology

b) Participate effectively in interprofessional teams respecting confidentiality, resource allocation and professionalism


1. Supervision and implementation of patient care decisions

a) Implement, and appropriately supervise and follow-up with patient care plans, investigations and therapies prescribed

2. Effective and ethical utilization of healthcare resources

a) Recognize the importance of just allocation of healthcare resources, balancing effectiveness, efficiency and access with optimal patient care